by Barry Dornfeld

A return to the unedited, less mediated life

When the star British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, playing Hamlet on a London stage, recently broke out of character to turn to the audience and plead with them to stop videotaping him with the smartphones so many carry, a critical moment had been reached. The steadily increasing incursion of digital devices into our personal, public, and  Read more  »

by David W. Brown

Un-ignorable Moments in Black and White

As an African American who was born during the turbulent ‘60s, I’ve been working along with African American-led and focused organizations all my life. Whether it’s the church, schools or organizations fighting for civil rights, these institutions have had to navigate some of the toughest cultural challenges known in human history and – for the  Read more  »

by Barry Dornfeld

Diversity, “The Rooney Rule,” and Slowing Down to Speed Up

There has been much discussion in the business press about the lack of diversity in the technology sector. From the low percentages of African Americans, Latinos and women in tech companies, to the lack of minorities and women in computer science education, to the difficulty of minority and female business owners securing venture capital, this  Read more  »

by Mal O'Connor and Barry Dornfeld

When Your Company Has a Problem It Can’t Ignore

Mal O’Connor and Barry Dornfeld comment on the “unignorable moment” that the NFL has recently faced on Harvard Business Review’s Blog Network.   Read the full post

by Carey Gallagher

What’s in the Way? Working with Resistance

No one wants to think their workforce just doesn’t care. But what happens when it looks like that’s the case? We’ve been working with an academic medical center to help them reduce readmissions – when patients return to the hospital and are readmitted with the same ailment within 30 days of being discharged. This is  Read more  »

by Barry Dornfeld

“Nobody is waiting for us”

The irony was clear as Clay Shirky, a leading thinker, writer, and professor focusing on the impact of the Internet on society and communication addressed a ballroom full of higher education master planners and strategists at the 49th International SCUP Conference. His point was simple – students are not waiting for planners to shape their  Read more  »

by Barry Dornfeld

Fighting the Right Fight on Hawk Hill?

The news from “Hawk Hill” in Philadelphia has been distressing. In May, the business school faculty at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia issued a vote of “no confidence” in the President, Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie. This followed close on the heels of a Faculty Senate vote of no confidence in two top administrators a few  Read more  »

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