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Sweeping People into the Campaign—The Early Coalition

One of the most important jobs in a campaign is mobilizing a coalition. The members of your coalition will change over time as the campaign evolves. At the early “quiet” phase of the campaign, your job is to consolidate the base before taking on too many battles; you are gathering momentum and building facts on the ground before going public.

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Ethnography: Observing Culture in Action

Ethnography is a research method to understand how people see their world. It’s a way of paying attention that tries to discover the cultural assumptions, unspoken rules, and mental frames that people use to make sense of the world they’re in.

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Tools for Making the Tacit Explicit

Most knowledge is tacit— we don’t know we know it. People can talk easily about the explicit, but the vast bulk of knowledge is tacit— assumptions, mental maps, beliefs about why or how things happen. We don’t even realize we know these things; they just take them for granted.

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Small “L” Leadership Actions

The following tactics have been pulled from a variety of sources (see references) that discuss the challenges of implementing a significant cultural shift. In the midst of increased stress, we often underuse what we already know. Consider it like a pilot’s checklist, to remind overloaded leaders of practices that increase collective effectiveness.

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Finding the Future—to Accelerate Your Change Effort

Organizations often get in the way of their own success. They can get stuck when trying to make a major change. But your organization almost surely has the hidden assets and strengths to move in the direction you want to go. And the beginnings of the change you want to make are already emerging in your organization and in its relationships with customers, suppliers and the wider environment.

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